Care of the Back

After bathing and drying the back, it should be massaged or rubbed thoroughly. I. Purpose To stimulate the circulation and give general relief. To prevent bedsore To give comfort to the patient. II. Equipment Alcohol 25% Talcum powder Bath towel

Care of the Hair

I. Purpose To ass to the comfort of the patient. To remove tangles from the hair. To preserve or keep the hair in good condition during illness. To observe the presence of lice without the patient’s being aware of it. To prevent infection. II. Equipment Patient’s bath towel Hair comb Hairbrush Vaseline Clips Rubber bands […]

Making an Occupied Bed

Purpose To change the linen with the least possible disturbance to the patient. To draw or fix the sheets under the patients very firmly so that it would not wrinkle. To remove crumbs from the bed. To make patient feel comfortable. Equipments Necessary linen. Tray for stripping and airing. Laundry bag or hamper

Making an Unoccupied Bed

Objectives of Making an Unoccupied Bed To meet the patient’s need by providing a safe comfortable bed. For neatness and tidiness. Principles of Bedmaking: (Techniques vary but principles are the same). Have everything ready on hand before starting. Remember that the bed is made for use, for durability and comfort and that it should have […]

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Purpose of Hand Washing Technique To avoid infection For cleanliness As an example to patents. Solutions Common Used for Hand Washing Lysol or Cresol solution P/a and 2% Diphen solution ¼% to ½ Gb. Bichloride of Mercury 1:10000 Zephiran Cloride 1:10,000 Rocall solution 800 parts per milliliter (3 0cc. of Rocall per gallon of water) […]