Turning or Changing Mattress with the Patient in the Bed

Purpose: To make mattress even. To change a soiled or infected mattress Equipment: Linen required 3 pillows Procedure: Method I: (If the same mattress is to be used (2-3 nurses) : Replace the top sheet with the blanket, fold and hang if at the heck of the chair. Remove the pillows. Loosen the bed linen […]

Care of the Dead

I. Purpose To prepare the body for the morgue. To prevent discoloration or deformity of the body. To protect the body from post mortom discharge. II. Equipments Tray with: Basin of warm water, a basin of lysol solution 2% Soap in dish, pair of scissors, comb or brush Bath towel and wash cloth Surgical dressings […]

Lifting and Moving Patient from Bed

(To stretcher or vice versa) Method I: (When patient is strong) Replace the top sheet with blanket. Draw the patient to the side of the bed. Place stretcher parallel to bed. Steady stretcher and let patient roll or side over on it. Method II: (With the help of the patient and nurse assisting: Replace the […]

Evening Care of Patient

I. Purpose To refresh the patient and prepare line him for sleep To promote muscular relaxation To prevent bedsore II. Preparation of Patient and Environment A try containing: Basin of warm water Alcohol 70% Soap in soap dish Talcum powder Hair comb or brush Bath towel & wash cloth Pitcher of warm water Mouth wash […]

Care of the Mouth and Teeth

I. Purpose To prevent bacterial infection. To prevent formation of sores. To promote cleanliness, comfort and health. To enable the patient to articulate distinctly thus requiring less effort make himself understood. II. When to wash the Mouth After waking up in the morning. After meals. At bed time. In accordance with doctor’s order.