National Registry Skill Sheets

National Registry Skill Sheets Airway, Oxygen and Ventilation Skills/Upper Airway Adjuncts and Suction Bag-Valve-Mask/Apneic Patient Bleeding Control/Shock Management Cardiac Arrest Management/AED Immobilization Skills/Joint Injury Immobilization Skills/Long Bone Injury Immobilization Skills/Traction Splinting Mouth to Mask With Supplemental Oxygen Oxygen Administration Patient Assessment/Management—Medical Patient Assessment/Management—Trauma Spinal Immobilization/Seated Patient Spinal Immobilization/Supine Patient Ventilatory Management/Dual Lumen Device Insertion Following […]

Vaginal Irrigation (Douche)

Definition: Injection of Fluid plain or medicated into the vaginal canal under low pressure. Purposes: Mechanical cleansing of the vaginal tract and the cervix as in leukorrhea To help remove any foul odor that may be present To cleanse and irrigate the cervix after cauterization ~and at the same time to reduce the swelling and […]

Nasal Gavage

I. Definition: In this method of feeding, liquid is introduced into the stomach through a rubber catheter which is passed through the anterior and posterior nose and the pharynx into the esophagus. When forced feeding is necessary, this method is less exhausting as the mouth does not have to be forced or kept open. II. […]

Precautionary Measures While Doing the Nasal Gavage

The following precautions should be strictly observe during a nasal gavage: 1. The catheter should first be lubricated and in inserting it should be directed toward the septum of the nose. If there is difficulty in passing it, the tube should be removed and inserted again in the other nostril. 2. As the catheter is […]