Nursing Interventions for Jaundice

  • Assess the color of skin, sclera of eye and mucous membrane of mouth and nose every 8 hours.
  • Check for any sign off complication and notify to physician.
  • Check neurological status 8 hourly to identify complication of bilirubin encephalopathy.
  • Check vital signs every 4 hourly.
  • Monitor intake output and check urine and stool color.
  • Administer medication as ordered.
  • Control nausea and vomiting and administer anti-emetic drug as ordered.
  • Monitor direct and indirect bilirubin to evaluate treatment efficacy.
  • Provide healthy diet; consult with dietician.
  • Give mouth care to increase appetite and prevent vomiting. Provide low fat diet.
  • Encourage patient to take plenty of fluids(at least 6-8 glass daily)
  • Check weight daily to evaluate weight loss or gain.
  • Administer IV fluid (if diarrhea is present)
  • Ensure proper rest and keep everything at reach for the patient.
  • Keep skin clean and dry to prevent itching.
  • Provide health education to patient and family members on how to prevent jaundice.
  • Arrange vaccination program and administer vaccine to patient as ordered.
  • Provide psychological support to patient and encourage the patient express his/her feelings.



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