Nursing Stories

Through the Years: Nursing Then and Now

High-technology equipment. Evidence-based practice. Innovative resources. These are what nursing and healthcare are at present. Indeed, nursing has come a long way. From just basing on instincts and superstitious beliefs when providing care, nursing practice has evolved almost beyond recognition. Let’s look back on nursing’s early years and see just how far it has progressed. […]

Sarah’s Tears by Tony Collins, LVN

Late one December night on the cancer ward the halls were quiet and solemn, the  patients were asleep and most of the visitors were gone. The nurses were gathered  about the nurse’s station preparing for shift change. Sarah, one of the nurses, was especially tired, having worked seven straight 12 hour days. The kids had  […]

Nursing in West Africa

Have you ever wondered what your job would be like if the hospital you worked in had no modern pharmacy or lab? If the power source for the hospital was to shut off and a regular basis and not come on again for three hours? If none of your patients spoke your language? If … […]

Outreach Project in Tanzania Rural Villages

As a profession, nursing is committed to dramatic social and economic advancement by empowering under-served communities through health education, the creation of networks to access health care resources, and hands on service to contribute to world health. It is through these ideals that nurses can assist communities in the performance of activities that contribute to […]