Inserting an Indwelling Catheter to a Female

Inserting an Indwelling Catheter to a Female

  • Check physician’s order.
  • Check client’s identaband and if able have client state name.
  • Explain procedure to client.
  • Provide privacy.
  • Gather equipment.
  • Assist client to position, knees up and out.
    • *Be careful to not contaminate sterile field
  • Cleanse client’s perineum of antiseptic solution.
  • Remove drapes.
  • Reposition client for comfort; put bed in low position.
  • Remove and discard disposable supplies in appropriate container.
  • Wash hand.
  • Document procedure, measure and record urine output on I&O bedside record.

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33 thoughts on “Inserting an Indwelling Catheter to a Female

  1. Hahahaha! I remember these dummies. Im was better with the female than the male. Strange. Lol. Remember to always bring 2 and leave the first in the vagina to use as a “marker”. Lol

  2. Anyone ever see a meatus that actually looks like that….not! Wait until a surgeon decides he wants one inserted after the case has started and the patient is already prepared and draped….that will determine who can really insert a foley.

  3. I was also recently taught not to inflate the balloon prior to insertion because EBP has shown that it is not necessary. During clinical I noticed some nurses do and some do not depending on personal preference. I have one done straight caths so I haven’t had to make that decision yet….

  4. To maintain the sterility of the foleys
    I dont expose the whole catheter from its plastic.just tear off the tip of the plastic, lubricate the tip of the foleys and insert gently.
    I use gauze to seperate the labias because sometime i do find it slippery. Always check that its sterile h2o & not sodium chloride that i have on my sterile field for inflating the balloon.
    I agree with Beth Goetz.:))

  5. Surprised u no longer check the balloon, where did u get that from?.. Yes they forgot deep breath. I would never put iodine inside. Wish they would do more real life stuff in nursing books. They presume that ever patient can bend their knees n spread they’re legs.what about those with contract urges. I also wish facilities would have a guideline for what size cath to use. It’s frustrating when you don’t have what u need in stock. They forgot to ask the patient about allergies to latex, iodine. I would ask even if it was not on the resident chart. Sometimes u may not get immediate return of urine many patients have bladder spams. Catheters r one of the easiest procedures do. Try to talk with ur patient to help them relax.

  6. I am a PCT and was taught to inflate the balloon before insertion. If you ever had a catheter inserted in yourself by an uncaring person you would give them only 1 try.

  7. due respect to all the comments i red,i guess the procedure posted was the IDEAL/BASIC STEPS like for the NORMAL PATIENT but ofcorse if there are some patient condition like fractures, contructors or allergies those points should be watch out then..

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