Safe Exercise for Pregnancy

In the past, pregnant women would consider exercises a no-no, they fear that this may interrupt and alter the normal processes of their pregnancy and might risk their life and their baby’s. This belief is rather obsolete and should be left behind history books. Exercise for pregnant women does wonders and is very advisable.

The thing is, during pregnancy, women indeed are in a more sensitive and critical state, therefore, caution and vigilance must be observed during exercise. There are also cases of complicated pregnancy so a professional medical help regarding exercise should be pursued. Generally, exercise during pregnancy shouldn’t be eliminated unless indicated.
Exercise is very beneficial for it reduces pregnancy related discomforts, heightens mood and prepares the woman’s body for childbirth, for it strengthens muscles and could ease the delivery. It also helps the woman get back in shape after childbirth. Ideally, these exercises won’t stress or strain you but just to keep you healthy and fit for childbirth.

There are safe exercises that pregnant women could perform during pregnancy.

• Stretching
Just like any exercise classes, one should start through stretching. It warms up the body and awakens sedentary muscles. It also prepares the pregnant woman before trying any other exercise.

• Walking exercises
The most simple and most accessible exercise for pregnant women would be walking. This cardio activity doesn’t warrant a total stretch for the joints or muscles, it just keeps the body conditioned and relaxed. Usually, supportive shoes are worn to facilitate comfort and ease. Nowadays, walkathon for pregnant women are conducted to promote wellness.

• Low-impact aerobics
Aerobics require classes where women would have fixed schedules and routines. Therefore, the regularity and the continuous exercise would condition the body and prepare it for delivery.

• Dancing
Dancing classes for pregnant women can keep you heart pumping (provides a healthy and active circulatory system). This is easily accessible, in the comforts of your own home, you can start dancing, just remember not to push it too hard.

• Swimming exercises
Basketball players use water to strengthen their leg muscles, so they would usually go for water exercise, swimming might just be the best exercise for pregnant women, it avoids stress on the joints but still keeps you on the cardio, targeting most of the body’s large muscle groups.

• Yoga
Flexible, toned, balanced, that’s what yoga could provide. Aside from the exercise, you get to feel relaxed, stress free and revitalized.

• Bicycling
Using a bike may sound risky, but with a use of a stationary bike, then risk for falls and injuries lessens. Bicycling would support the pregnant woman’s weight and relieves the strain off the body.
Remember that before engaging in any exercise, make sure they are tolerable. It is also advisable not to overexert. Consulting the doctor would be very helpful in planning what exercise fits best. Stop exercising if there are incidences of vaginal bleeding, nausea, dizziness, or contractions.

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