Demo Video

Changing Mainline IV Bag

Changing Mainline IV bag Check physicians order. Wash Hands. Select correct solution (using 5 rights of drug administration). Remove outer wrap. Inspect bag carefully for tears or leaks by applying gentle pressure to the bag. Hold the bag up and examine for cloudiness, discoloration, or any foreign matter. Label bag with patient’s name, date, time […]

Changing and Flushing a Central Line Access Cap

[WATCH] Changing and Flushing a Central Line Access Cap

Check client’s chart and care plan to determine time of last access cap change.
Identify client
Explain procedure to client and provide privacy
Gather equipment
Wash your hand and don gloves
Repeat procedure with the remaining access caps
Remove gloves and wash hands

Changing a Central Line Catheter Dressing

Changing a Central Line Dressing of a Patient Sample Central Line Dressing Checklist Critical Performance Elements YES NO 1. Gather all necessary equipment: roll of tape, label, and central line line dressing kit. 2. Wash hands. Explain procedure to the patient and/or significant others. Check for providone-iodine or tape allergy. 3. Organize supplies and equipment […]

How to Administer an Intramuscular (IM) Vaccine Injections

Here are the steps needed to accomplish administering IM injections. Feel free to read through the steps and watch the accompanying video if necessary. You will be needing all these supplies. Prepare the medication to be given, syringe, alcohol prep pad, gauze, band-aid and needle. The needles are usually 21g or 22g, and 1 1/2″ […]