Nurses’ Notes

End-of-Life Care: Caring for a Dying Patient

They say that when you’re a nurse, you care for people from womb to tomb. You get to experience that wondrous feeling upon hearing an infant’s first cry, but you also get to feel the anguish of witnessing a patient take his last breath. Yes, we have read so many times about newborn care, care […]

Understanding Patient handoff

Compared with other members of the healthcare team, we nurses spend the most time with our patients. In line with this, our performance as nurses, as evidenced by studies, have an effect the quality of care rendered to patients. However, it’s not all the time that we are there to care for our patients. Though […]

New hope for patients with “Stone Man Syndrome”

A new surge of hope has blossomed within patients with a rare genetic disease called “stone man syndrome” as a possible cure for the condition is being studied by researchers. Fibrodysplasia ossificansprogressiva or FOP is a disease that gradually replaces muscle, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue with bone. This is said to be caused […]

Shift Work in Nursing

While most of your friends are finally home and relaxing, you’re just getting dressed and preparing for another long shift at work. Unlike others with a 9am-5pm job, nursing is a 24 hours a day job as patients do not choose a specific time to get sick. Any time of the day, there will always […]

Resolutions Nurses Must Make This New Year

And just like that, it’s 2016! Oh, how time flies. It feels just like yesterday when you welcomed 2015 and now it’s another new year. So, what else should one expect during the first days of the year aside from eating leftover foods from several occasions? Oh, right! New year’s resolutions. What should you promise […]

7 Resume Tips for Nurses

Every person hopes to land on their dream job someday. That is why many do whatever it takes just to get in their dream job, such as attending various seminars and trainings, gaining experiences from certain organizations, and many more. What better way to attract employers and get them to hire you than an attractive […]