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You just have received endorsement from the outgoing nurse. You check on the chart and assess your patient. You check the IV lines and IV sites, you check the due medications and if the stock’s enough for the 8-hour shift. You check when the IVF’s will be due. You check the vital signs then record […]

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

DEFINITION Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of the female reproductive organs. It usually occurs when sexually transmitted bacteria spread from your vagina to your uterus and upper genital tract. Pelvic inflammatory disease may also develop when bacteria travel up a contraceptive device or when bacteria are introduced during gynecologic procedures. Many women who […]

Evisceration of the Eye

Evisceration of the Eye


– Removal of the entire contents of the eye within the scleral shell.

– The sclera and muscles attached to the sclera remain intact to accommodate prosthesis.
– An indication for evisceration is a hopelessly traumatized eye in a young person with no history of previous eye disease.
– The cosmetic result is superior to the result of enucleation because the extrocular muscles remain attached to the scleral shell, resulting in a moveable implant very similar to that of natural eye movement.

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Multiple Sclerosis

We have always believed that our immune system is our shield when it comes to combating various bacteria and diseases, never in our minds have we considered what may happen if our immune system itself turns its back on us. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic and potentially incapacitating disease wherein your own body’s immune […]

Acetabular Fractures

Usually caused by force applied to the femur which is translated to the acetabulum. In young adults, acetabular fractures are due to high energy injuries, primarily motor vehicle accidents. The majority of patients are evaluated for and have associated injuries that require initial evaluation of the multiple trauma patient. There are also minority of patients, […]

Legg Calve Perthes Disease

Is a disease when the head of the thighbone (femur) in one hip deteriorates due to insufficient blood supply to the area. Most frequently affects boys 4 to 10 ears old. Etiology The blood flow of the femur is interrupted, and the tip of the bone dies over a period of one to three weeks. […]