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Maternal-Infant Nursing (Postpartum Period) Answers and Rationale

View Questions 1.    Answer: D Rationale:  To help relieve mastitis, the nurse should advise the client to massage the affected area gently during breast-feeding; breast-feed at least every 2 to 3 hours; apply a warm, wet washcloth to her breast before each feeding; and avoid wearing a brassiere when breast-feeding. 2.    Answer: A Rationale:  As […]

Maternal-Infant Nursing (Postpartum Period) Question

1.    Angelina, a  breast-feeding client is diagnosed with mastitis. Which nursing intervention would be most helpful to her? a.    Instructing her to breast-feed the neonate at least every 4 hours b.    Teaching her to apply a cold compress to the affected breast after each feeding c.    Recommending that she wear a special brassiere when breast-feeding […]

Maternal-Infant Nursing (Neonate Period) Answers and Rationale 1

View Questions 1.    Answer: B Rationale:  The squeezing action of the contractions during labor enhances fetal lung maturity. Infants who aren’t subjected to contractions are at an increased risk for developing respiratory distress. The type of birth has nothing to do with temperature or glucose stability, and acrocyanosis is a normal finding. 2.    Answer: D […]

Maternal-Infant Nursing (Neonate Period) Question 1

1.    Baby James, born by elective cesarean section to a 25-year-old mother weighs 3,265 g (7 lb, 3 oz). Nurse Lucia places the newborn under the warmer unit. In addition to routine assessments, the nurse should closely monitor this newborn for which of the following? a.    Temperature instability due to type of birth b.    Respiratory […]