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Making a Recovery or Anesthetic Bed (Post-Operative Bed)

I. Purpose To provide warmth and comfort for the patient. To provide protection for the bed. To arrange the bed and other furniture in order to facilitate the transfer of the patient from stretcher to bed. II. Equipment The same linen as those used for making on occupied bed plus the following” Bath towel Small […]

Changing the Position of the Patient

I. In Dorsal Recumbent Position: Arrange the pillows in the order to support the weight of the shoulders and head. Relieve strain on the muscles of the back by supporting it, fill in the hollows with small pillows, small pads, or a hot water bottle partially filled with warm water. Relieve strain on the abdominal […]

Nursing Care of the Dying

Routine Procedures to be done as Symptoms of Approaching Death Develop: Notify the doctor. Notify relatives and friends. Call for priest or minister. Call supervisor and Headnurse. Provide privacy (by screening if in the ward). Procedure: Warm the cooling extremities by the application of blankets and prevent draft. See that the bedding is light in […]

Turning or Changing Mattress with the Patient in the Bed

Purpose: To make mattress even. To change a soiled or infected mattress Equipment: Linen required 3 pillows Procedure: Method I: (If the same mattress is to be used (2-3 nurses) : Replace the top sheet with the blanket, fold and hang if at the heck of the chair. Remove the pillows. Loosen the bed linen […]

Placing the Patient in Different Positions for Examination

Role the Nurse in Physical Examination

1. Nurse plays an important role in the program of prevention of disease not only by encouraging the individual to have such as examination but also by her tact and a kill in assisting in such a way as to minimize embarrassment to the patient.

2. Explanation as to what is to be done and why usually facilitate the procedure both for the doctor and the patient and will make the patient more relaxed and more cooperative.

3. Nurse can render invaluable assistance in expanding the examiner’s work and in conserving the patient’s strength. Most thorough examination is lengthy and tiring.

4. When patient is a woman, the presence of nurse prevents embarrassment to the patient and it protects the physician from any court action in case patient complains.

5. Nurse is held responsible in having all equipment and articles ready for the examination, preparing the patient accordingly, anticipating the physician’s needs and taking care of the used articles after the examination.

Care of the Dead

I. Purpose To prepare the body for the morgue. To prevent discoloration or deformity of the body. To protect the body from post mortom discharge. II. Equipments Tray with: Basin of warm water, a basin of lysol solution 2% Soap in dish, pair of scissors, comb or brush Bath towel and wash cloth Surgical dressings […]