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Acidosis or Alkalosis

Sleuthing: Using Blood Values to determine the Cause of Acidosis or Alkalosis Note the pH. This tells you whether the person is in acidosis (pH < 7.35) or alkalosis (pH > 7.45); but it does not tell you the cause. Next, check the PCO2 to see if this is the cause of the acid-base imbalance. […]

Hematology Values

HEMATOCRIT (HCT) Normal Adult Female Range: 37 – 47% Optimal Adult Female Reading: 42% Normal Adult Male Range 40 – 54% Optimal Adult Male Reading: 47 Normal Newborn Range: 50 – 62% Optimal Newborn Reading: 56 HEMOGLOBIN (HGB) Normal Adult Female Range: 12 – 16 g/dl Optimal Adult Female Reading: 14 g/dl Normal Adult Male […]

Overactive Bladder: What you need to know

Overactive bladder is a health condition that is caused by a sudden and involuntary contraction of the muscle in urinary bladder’s wall. This disease causes an abrupt and continuous need to urinate even though the bladder only contains a small amount of urine. This condition is also known as urge incontinence which is a form […]

Nursing Interventions for Pain

Pain is “the perception of a noxious stimulus that begins in the dorsal horn and involves the entire spinal cord and brain.” The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which we primarily associate with tissue damage or describe in terms of such damage, or […]

Employment Issues – CNA’s are pushing for better pay

Certified Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide is considered to be the nurses’ link to their patient. They are the one who give direct care to the clients such as bathing, feeding and grooming them. They were given tasks that they should perform and they are responsible for it. In exchange for their work, they were, […]

Pediatric Hypernatremia

Sodium excess or hypernatremia is the condition where the sodium level of the body exceeded the normal limits of 145 meq/L, it can be stated that the child took in or retained excess sodium than water.  It can be due to an increase of sodium following an increase in water, or can be because of […]